Enlightenment "Problems of Medicine Waste"

The definition of “Medical Education” in terms of the most important aspect now is education to prevent the illegal use of medicine by adolescents.

Pharmacy Education for Kids

Convey the importance of taking the prescribed medication properly until exhausted.

During this time, children are often told by adults to take medicine until they run out.

Through this education children are able to say to parents, grandparents “I want father and mother to be healthy all the time, so do not forget to take all the medicine.”

Pharmacy Education for Adults

Among the duties of a pharmacist is to check the number of prescriptions and combinations of medications, but patients can talk to the doctor to reduce the medication.

Pharmacists also advise on a healthy lifestyle so that there is no need to take medication.

Pharmacists also help prevent disease as well as reduce the amount of medication and not to increase it.
We will tell you that these are the missions of pharmacists.