Medicine Warrior OHGAMAN

Lyrics/Composer/Arranger Hideaki Miyake

Medicine “Reduce” instead of “Increase”
Before meal After meal
I’m not scared of illness!
OHGAMAN, with blue eyes,
protect your children, the elderly are alive !

OHGA Pharmacy! OHGA Pharmacy! I’ll dispense a dream
Sudden fever Skin trouble Don’t hesitate to reach
OHGA Pharmacy

” I ‘m better” than “Ill”!
Children are injured and
use correctly!
Let’s ask questions if you have any questions

OHGAMAN progressing toward “My Pharmacy”!

OHGA Pharmacy! Ohga Pharmacy! Always will support
needs cuddled nor the day after tomorrow is also today and tomorrow I protect future
until OHGA pharmacy

OHGA pharmacy! OHGA Pharmacy! We will dispense dreams. Gentle
kindness. With charity in your heart,
bounce off sickness and injury!

OHGA Pharmacy! OHGA Pharmacy! Always support
This is your dispensing pharmacy Straight to the
OHGA pharmacy with the whole family

OHGA Pharmacy!