YEAR 20XX...

With the development of medical science, humans can take medicine with the use of the right dose which in turn can cure most diseases and lead a healthy life. However, the virus never dies.

A Society of Dark Shares that fears the effectiveness of medicine has incited the public by saying

“Looks like you’re healthy, so you don’t have to take all the medicine, do you?”

“Yes, that’s right …” said those who like to keep medicine in a drawer

It is said that about 50 billion Yen (RM20 billion) of medicine are discarded every year. This is the “Problem of Medicine Waste”.

At that moment a man appeared. His name is Ohga Takahiro, President of Ohga Pharmacy

With a full sense of responsibility he used his own pocket money to build an superhero suit to deal with the problem of wasting this medicine and he was called OHGAMAN


To be the world’s favorite medical SUPERHERO


Ohgaman’s mission is to educate children in our society on the importance of good manners and proper guidance to take medications for a healthy living


Good manners and responsible in creating awareness


Everyone in the area who patronizes Ohga Pharmacy, interested in Ohgaman

Thank you to everyone who brought it. Representative director of Oga Pharmacy Co., Ltd.

My name is Takahiro Oga.
This time, the pharmacist Ohgaman was born as a pharmacist hero.

I was allowed to. What I thought about was knowing the importance of the role of a pharmacist

What I want you to do and everyone takes proper medicine and spends a long time in good health

I would like you to do it.

The pharmacist not only gives the medicine as prescribed by the doctor, but also drinks it.

Change or reduce the medicine, thinking about whether you can really drink it.

It is said that the amount of medicine is about 50 billion yen a year. Prevent before getting sick so that you do not have to take medicine as much as possible

By having people take things and medicines properly, the therapeutic effect is enhanced and as a result, medicines are taken.

I want to tell children that I can reduce it through Ohgaman. 

In order for parents and grandparents to stay healthy and live longer, “Drink without leaving any medicine.”

Organa that asks you to do your best to drink

We will tackle the problem of residual medicine with the “medicine education” style.
Dreaming that one day children will become a pharmacist

I will move. Thank you for your support.


Whatever the changes, it is my duty to protect the "heart of service"